BRIEF: The aim of the eleven artists is to create a textile and mixed-media travelling exhibition. The initial inspiration was the map of the Western Hemisphere embroidered by Elizabeth Cook (c.1800) that shows the voyages of her husband James Cook currently housed at the Australian National Maritime Museum, Sydney. Elizabeth Cook’s map provided a starting point from which the concept of ‘map’ can be understood and interpreted in both concrete and abstract ways. Maps can be about many things; geography, history, geology, personal space, migration, movement, memory, travel, genealogy.

Exhibition Dates

Museum of the Riverina,

Botanic Gardens site, Wagga Wagga: March 15 to April 29, 2012

Shoalhaven City Arts Centre,

12 Berry Street, Nowra: May 31 to July 26, 2012

Launch Saturday, June 2, 12noon to 2pm

McGlade Gallery, ACU Strathfield campus, June 15 - July 6, 2013

Cessnock Regional Art Gallery, 16 Vincent Street, Cessnock, Feb 19 to March 16, 2014

Sunday, 30 January 2011

Base Line

Yesterday, Beth Hatton gave a very interesting talk to the Hand Weavers and Spinners Guild of NSW about her exhibition Base Line at the Fairfield Museum and Gallery which will open on Feb 1, 2011. The exhibits explore the surveying, settlement, degradation and revival of the grassland of Weereerwa or Lake George.

Beth has learned much about the ebb and flow of this body of water, its mapping and exploitation. She expresses her perceptions in sculpural forms made of native grasses that she sews into tools and vessels.

The exhibition will run until March 13 at the corner of Horsley Drive and Oxford Street, Smithfield. Open Tues - Sat, 10am - 4pm, Sun 1 - 4pm.